This article is about the TV show. For WHEI's UK based brand, see NXT UK (WHEI Brand).

WHEI NXT UK or simply NXT UK is professional wrestling television program produced by WHEI. The show features competitors from WHEI's NXT UK brand. The show was officially announced 3 weeks before WHEI SummerSlam (2018).

History Edit

After polling the fans of WHEI to see if they would be interested in seeing more brands and shows based on WWE's real life shows and brands, "Ironman" Elliot Lytle announced that the Saturday following the SummerSlam pay per view would feature the debut of the NXT UK brand. Prior to this, there would be a 32 man tournament to crown the first ever WHEI United Kingdom Champion with the finals being at the pay per view. The tournament was held off screen in the weeks leading up to the event. On the premiere episode of NXT UK, ironman announced Nic Nitro as the General Manager of the brand.

The show debuted on September 1, 2018 and has aired live on Saturdays every week, barring hiatus, since. Although the real life NXT UK has had its first takeover, Nitro has decided that he would rather not hold any of his own for the time being.

Championships Edit

Like the real life NXT UK, the WHEI United Kingdom Championship serves as the "World" Championship for the brand and is the main title competed for on the brand.

In addition, to give the men another singles championship to compete for, the NXT UK Television Championship was established and the first champion was decided on the premiere episode.

Likewise, while WWE took a while to unveil the design, Ironman announced that the NXT UK Tag Team Championship would be available for the various tag teams and stables to compete for. The title was established on September 1, and the inaugural champions were decided on the premiere episode.

Finally, the NXT UK Women's Championship was also established and decided on the premiere episode.

Roster Edit

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On-air personalities Edit

Authority figures Edit

Authority figure Position Date started Date finished Notes
Nic Nitro General Manager September 1, 2018 Present Was appointed as general Manager of the NXT UK brand by Ironman on the premiere episode

Commentators Edit

Commentators Dates
Ironman and Stephanie Hudson-Lytle September 1, 2018-Present

Broadcast Edit

In the US, the show airs live on Twitch TV, it is then uploaded to YouTube almost immediately afterward so that anyone who couldn't watch the live broadcast can watch.