This article is about the TV show. For the brand itself, see NXT (WHEI Brand)

WHEI NXT, also simply called NXT is a professional wrestling television program that is produced by WHEI on Twitch TV every Thursday, usually at 8 PM PT.

The show itself has yet to debut despite its real life counterpart having been going since 2012. The show will be introduced in Season 4 of the WHEI Universe Mode lineup to spice things up a bit for fans of the show.

All episodes of NXT will be available on Twitch and YouTube after the fact for streaming.

History Edit

Despite taking its name from WWE's developmental brand, WHEI's version of NXT will be a brand in its own right. With a completely separate roster that will not be "called up" to any of the other shows.

It will maintain the same feel and aesthetic of the real life NXT with smaller venues, yellow ring ropes, etc. It will also keep all the championships from the real life NXT.

The show will debut along with the brand on the Thursday after WrestleMania (WHEI's version not the real life version). Presumably all championships will either be decided, or set up to be decided on the debut episode.

On-air personalities Edit

Authority figures Edit

Authority figure Position Date started Date finished
Ironman Co-General Manager April 4, 2019 Present
Stephanie Hudson-Lytle Co-General Manager April 4, 2019 Present

Commentators Edit

Commentators Date started Date finished
Ironman and Stephanie Hudson-Lytle April 4, 2019 Present

Ring announcers Edit

Ring announcer Date started Date finished
Ironman April 4, 2019 Present

Production Edit

Since the May 31, 2017 episode of NXT, the official theme song is "Resistance" by Powerflo, being announced by Triple H on social media. During the previous month and a half at April 12, 2017, the theme song for the show was "Rage" by CFO$. The song "Roar of the Crowd" by CFO$ served as the official theme song for NXT since its arrival to the WWE Network (February 27, 2014) to April 5, 2017. A remix of the same song was used starting on June 15, 2016 since NXT was now a developmental branch. "Welcome Home" by Coheed and Cambria was used from June 20, 2012 to February 24, 2014. The American Bang song "Wild and Young" had been used for each reality show season with the exception of the third season. During season three, the show's opening theme song was "You Make the Rain Fall" by Kevin Rudolf. Also promoting it as an "official theme song" for the show, NXT used "Get Thru This" by Art of Dying as bumper music during the initial five seasons of the show.

Broadcast Edit

In the US, the show airs live on Twitch TV, it is then uploaded to YouTube almost immediately afterward so that anyone who couldn't watch the live broadcast can watch.