The WHEI Diva's Championship was a women's professional wrestling championship created and promoted by War Hawks Entertainment Inc. on the SmackDown brand. It was one of 3 original women's singles championships created for the War Hawks roster. Alongside the Original Women's Championship on the Raw brand and the LWL Leading Lady Championship on the LWL brand. The final champion was Nightingale who was awarded the new women's title in season 2 due to being the final champion. She also holds the record for the longest reign, while the youngest champion was Paige.

The title recognizes the history of the Diva's title created by WWE in 2008 but NOT the unified history that started in 2010. As they wanted to keep the two titles seperate to allow them to be their own titles rather than have confusion over which title follows which history.

Following the reintroduction of the brand split in 2016, much like its real life counterpart earlier that year, the title was retired. This was done because WWE were phasing the word "diva" from their programming and the War Hawks wanted to follow suit.

History Edit

When it was decided to bring back the brand split for their universe mode, the War Hawks decided to divide up the current titles un-unify the titles that had been. With SmackDown taking the titles that had absorbed the older titles while Raw took the titles that had been absorbed. With Raw bringing back the Women's title while SmackDown kept the Diva's. In real life the two titles had been unified in 2010, but this was ignored and the title was the primary women's championship on the SmackDown brand throughout season one.

The title only recognizes the history of the real life Diva's Championship which started in 2008 and does not recognize the unifying of the two titles in 2010. With Michelle McCool being recognized as the first overall champion and Paige being recognized as the first champion of the War Hawks version of the title. Anyone who has held the title's real life counterpart has their reign with this title added to their overall total.

When season one came to a close and WWE retiring the divas title in favor of a new women's title the War Hawks considered creating a new title for the SmackDown women as Ironman only kept this one around because Nightingale liked the way it looked. It was a relief therefore, when the brand split was announced to be returning and the new SmackDown Women's Title was revealed so they didn't need to create a new title.

Reigns Edit

No. Wrestler Reign Date Event Notes
1 Paige 3 December 22, 2015 Season One Draft Awarded the title upon both it and her being drafted to SmackDown during the season one draft.
2 Nightingale 1 January 10, 2016 Cyber Sunday (2016) Defeated Paige in a fan voted Triple Threat Hell In A Cell Match also involving Naomi.

Final champion of season 1 and overall.

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