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Raw is one of War Hawks Entertainment Inc.'s Brands which was first established on December 13th, 2015 with the first Universe Mode Draft which went into effect the following week on December 22nd.

Although they started the universe Mode at a time when the real life brand split had been over for over 4 years by that point they still established that their shows would have unique rosters, champions, pay per views and general managers.

Wrestlers assigned to the Raw brand appear predominently on the Monday Night Raw program. Starting with season 3 some of them also appeared on the cruiserweight exclusive 205 Live brand. As well as Raw and co-branded pay per view events.

History Edit

Season 1 (2015-2016) Edit

In late 2015 Ironman convinced Shernia and The Juggernaut to start their own universe mode and run shows on Twitch. The two agreed and it was agreed that, much like the real life WWE in the mid 2000's, they would divide the roster of the game, as well as their own created wrestlers, between the primary television programs of WWE. Initially Ironman agreed to let Juggernaut run Raw and Sherania run SmackDown while he himself would a third brand after WWE's own ECW brand. However, Sherania wanted to do her own show and they agreed, thus LWL was born.

As WWE had whitled its championships down to 5 at the time if they planned to have seperate championships for all the shows they knew they would need to either create some new ones, or reintroduce old ones. Thus Juggernaut brought back the Big Gold Belt to be the World Championship for his brand, as well as the World Tag Team Championship and Women's Championship to be the Tag Team and Women's Championships respectively. It was also agreed that he would take the Intercontinental Championship to be his secondary Championship. Much like in real life they established an annual draft to shake up the rosters.

The Raw brand was home to many top names in WWE in 2015 for season one, such as John Cena, Booker T, Brock Lesnar, and many others.

Season 2 (2016-2017) Edit

With the real life reintroduction of the brand split, once they got the new game they used the updated logos, arenas, and championships (mostly via community creations since the brand split championships weren't in the game). As a result of this the Universal Championship, Raw Tag Team Championship, Raw Women's Championship were brought in to replace the old belts, and the new Cruiserweight Championship was announced as part of the Raw brand as well.

In the middle of season 2 Juggernaut met and started going out with Guardian and moved out of Ironman and Sherania's house thus making their interactions less frequent. Guardian also became a prominent member of the Raw roster along with such faces as Sasha Banks, The Dudley Boys, and, once again, John Cena.

Season 3 (2017-Present) Edit

When Ironman made it clear he was going to continue with the universe mode with the new game he asked Guardian to assist the Juggernaut as thr co-General Manager of Raw. However shortly after season 3 got into full swing the two had to go on a hiatus so Ironman's friend Nick Nitro was brought in as Interm Raw General Manager.

As part of season 3 Ironman announced that the cruiserweight exclusive show 205 Live would be brought in, however due to the large list of people who qualify for the show it would be its own entity and all cruiserweights would appear on the show. They also introduced a Cruiserweight Television and Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship to compliment the normal Cruiserweight Championship on the brand.

As part of the season 3 draft the default Intercontinental Champion (John Cena) was drafted to LWL and per a pre-draft stipulation he was stripped of the title. On the second episode of season 3 interm Raw General Manager Nick Nitro announced a Fatal 4 Way for the championship at SummerSlam with qualifying matches in the coming weeks.

Champions Edit

Initially the World Heavyweight Championship, original Women's Championship, and World Tag Team Championship were reintroduced to fill out the brand's championships, with the Intercontinental Championship being the only title that was consistantly on the brand. With the reintroduction of the real life brand split in 2016 and the introduction of new titles they quickly switched over to reflect this.

Current Championships Edit

Championship Current Champion(s) Reign Date Won Days Held Location Notes
WHEI Universal Championship Shinsuke Nakamura 2 October 7, 2018 24+ N/A Defeated Joe to win the title before Hell In A Cell
WHEI Intercontinental Championship Juggernaut 1 August 26, 2018 66+ Brooklyn, NY Title vacated after Champion John Cena was drafted to LWL in the Season 3 Draft
WHEI Raw Tag Team Championship Savage & Canadian ("Macho Man" Randy Savage & Kevin Owens) 1 October 15, 2018 16 San Antonio, TX Defeated The Club in a Tornado Tag Team Hell In A Cell Match for the title.
WHEI Raw Women's Championship Asuka 1 April 10, 2018 100+ N/A Awarded the Championship to be the default champion heading into season 3
WHEI European Championship Juggernaut 1 September 9, 2018 55+ Seattle, WA Won an 8 Man tournament to win the title while still the Intercontinental Champion

Previous championships Edit

Championship Time On Brand
WHEI World Heavyweight Championship December 22, 2015-May 26, 2017
WHEI World Tag Team Championship December 22, 2015-May 26, 2017
WHEI Women's Championship December 22, 2015-May 26, 2017
LWL Leading Lady Championship August of 2017- April 10, 2018
WHEI Cruiserweight Championship May 26, 2017-August 5, 2018

Personnel Edit

Due to how many wrestlers are drafted to Raw each seaon we'll only be listing other on air personalities here.

Ring Name Real Name Notes
Juggernaut Terrance Jennings Co-General Manager of Raw


Guardian Brittany Boyd Co-General Manager Of Raw
Ironman Elliot Lytle Commentator
Sherania Stephanie Hudson-Lytle Commentator
Superman Heath McDaniel General Manager of 205 Live

Pay per views Edit

Season 1 Pay Per Views Edit

Date Event Venue Location Main Event
December 27, 2015 One Night Stand ECW Arena Philidelphia, PA Booker T (c) vs. Bray Wyatt in a 15 minute Ironman Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
January 26, 2016 Over The Limit Kennedy Center Washington, DC Booker T (c) vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin ('97) vs. The Undertaker ('99) in Triple Threat Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
February 22, 2016 Vengeance Lakefront Arena New Orleans, LA Booker T (c) vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin for the World Heavyweight Championship

Season 2 Pay Per Views Edit

Date Event Venue Location Main Event
July 10, 2017 Armageddon Daniel Bryan (c) vs. Typhoon for the Universal Championship

Season 3 Pay Per Views Edit

Date Event Venue Location Main Event
September 9, 2018 Unforgiven Key Arena Seattle, WA Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs. Samoa Joe for the Universal Championship
October 15, 2018 Hell In A Cell AT&T Center San Antonio, TX Shinuske Nakamura (c) vs. Samoa Joe vs. Drew McIntyre in a Triple Threat Hell In A Cell Match for the Universal Championship
January 29, 2019 Armageddon Raising Cane's River Center Arena Baton Rouge Louisiana Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs. Tomasso Ciampa for the Universal Championship
February 11, 2010 No Way Out Red Bull Arena  Long Island, NY Tomasso Ciampa (c) vs. Adam Cole for the Universal Championship

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