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WHEI NXT, often referred to as simply NXT, is a brand of the US based professional wrestling promotion WHEI.

While the real life version's primary purpose is to serve as a farming system (developmental) for WWE's main roster (Raw and SmackDown), WHEI's version is viewed as its own brand, similar to how NXT UK is. While it's primarily based in Orlando, Florida, it will also branch out to other places in the US and the world for tapings and Takeover events as well.

History Edit

Inception Edit

Late in Season 3 of their Universe Mode, while coming up with ideas for the soon approaching Season 4, Ironman tossed around the idea of introducing the NXT brand to their Universe Mode. While they certainly had the roster to do so, the problem was finding the time to do it as well as a General Manager to run it.

Ironman solved these problems quickly, they would run the show on Thursdays, as they did not have a show running on that day. He would do it himself as he works from home and had nothing better to do. As for General managers, himself and Stephanie would run the show until a more permanent manager could fit the role. That General Manager was found in long time friend James Ceno who agreed to be the General Manager just prior to the season 4 draft.

Beginnings Edit

As they were nearing the end of Season 3, it was decided that NXT would be introduced in Season 4 with the annual draft. They would incorporate all the championships in the brand in real life. NXT would also get its own picks in the draft to treat it as its own brand rather than developmental.

It was decided that the brand would debut on the Thursday following the WrestleMania pay per view. Which would serve as the season finale and allow them to switch to the next game and switch up the rosters. The brand will debut on April 4, 2019.

Championships and Accomplishments Edit

Current championships Edit

Championship Current Champion(s) Reign Date Won Days Held Location Notes
WHEI NXT Championship N/A -- -- -- -- --
WHEI NXT North American Championship N/A -- -- -- -- --
WHEI NXT Tag Team Championship N/A -- -- -- -- --
WHEI NXT Women's Championship N/A -- -- -- -- --

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