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List of former championships in WHEIList of personnel in WHEIMathew
MicahMuerte De Mayo (2016)NXT (WHEI Brand)
NXT UK (WHEI Brand)NicNo Mercy (2018)
No Way Out (2019)One Night Stand (2015)Over The Limit (2016)
Payback (2019)Playhouse (2016)Rain Of Blood (2016)
Rain Of Blood (2019)Raw (WHEI Brand)Robert
School Of Pain (2018)SmackDown (WHEI Brand)Steph
TJTLC: Tables, Ladders, & Chairs (2018)The Great American Bash (2017)
The Idaho DivisionThe Texas DivisionThe War Hawks
Triple CrownUnforgiven (2018)Vengeance (2016)
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