The LWL Global Internet Championship was a professional wreslting world television championship created and promoted by War Hawks Entertainment Inc. for the LWL brand. It was one of 3 tertiary championships for WHEI's roster, alongside the WHEI European Championship on the Raw brand, Hardcore Championship on the SmackDown brand. The final champion was Killian Dain in his first reign.

The title was created in season 2 as a way to even out the championships after the cruiserweight title brought the number of titles on Raw to 5. General Manager Stephanie Hudson-Lytle decided on the name when her husband Ironman suggested she make herself a World Television Championship like the ones WCW and ECW used to have. She liked the idea but changed the name to fit the fact they weren't actually on TV. Despite this the title serves the same basic function as a Television championship and is regarded as such among the roster.

Despite bearing the LWL name the title is currently assigned to the SmackDown brand due to the champion Strowman being drafted to SmackDown during the season 3 draft.

During Season 4, due to burn out, Ironman and Shernia decided to reboot WHEI. Instead of simply retiring the brand and championships like all the others, they decided to unify them with the Raw championships. Since Sherania will be taking over that brand starting in Season 5.

On August 10, 2019 at Rain Of Blood (2019) WHEI European Champion Killian Dain defeated Global Internet Champion Marty Scurll to unify the two titles. Retiring the Global Internet Championship in the process.

History Edit

Creation Edit

The championship was created in season 3 following the reintroduction in real life of the brand split and the introduction of a new cruiserweight championship on the Raw brand. The name was chosen as a play on the old world television championships of WCW and ECW while serving the same function.

Initial tournament Edit

To crown the first champion a 16 man tournament was scheduled with the finals taking place at the Firework Factory pay per view that July. The initial plan was to have Xerios vs. William Afton in the finals, with the bracket lined up that way. However due to the non predetermined nature of the Universe Mode things didn't quite work out that way. With Afton being eliminated in the first round and Xerios in the second. War Hawks member Robert wound up winning the tournament and would go on to hold it into season 3.

First Rond Quarter Finals Semi Finals Finals


Xerios Kubisa def. Kerry Von Erich Kane ('98) def. Xerios Kubisa Kane ('98) def. Eddie Guerrero Robert Gallon def. Kane ('98) Robert Gallon
Kane ('98) def. Rikishi
Heath McDaniel def. The Godfather Eddie Guerrero def. Heath McDaniel
Eddie Guerrero def. Mr. McMahon ('01)
Samoa Joe def. Dude Love Bo Dallas def. Samoa Joe Robert Gallon def. Bo Dallas
Bo Dallas Def. William Afton
Robert Gallon def. Diesel Robert Gallon def. Alberto Del Rio
Alberto Del Rio def. Tye Dillinger

Championship belt design Edit

Season 1 Edit

When the title was introduced in season 2 it looked vastly different from the other titles on the roster. For one it had a red strap with strange designs on it. The centerplate was circular with a fire red color to it, with the green LWL logo on at the top and a globe in the middle. It had Internet Champion splashed across the globe in different colors. The side plates were rectangles with the logos of Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube on them as well as a trollface for good measure. The plates were also the colors of the logos in a lighter tone so they matched.

Season 2 Edit

In season two the title got an update, the strap was now green to match the brand, while the trollface was placed on the centerplate with a rage face. The centerplate itself was now a globe with "Global Internet" in light font with a red and green background respectively over the glove, and Champion in normal font toward the bottom. The side plates were now in the shape of a shield, and the trollface had been replaced by the reddit logo.

Brand designation Edit

Red Championship moved to the Raw brand
Blue Championship moved to the SmackDown brand
Green Championship moved to the LWL brand
Date Of Transition Notes
(Green) May 26, 2017 created for the LWL brand to be the tertiary championship
(Blue) August 3, 2018 Moved to the SmackDown brand when champion Braun Strowman is drafted there
(Green) August 29, 2018 Moved back to LWL when Strowman is defeated by Shane McMahon

Reigns Edit

No. Wrestler Reign Date Event Notes
1 Robert Gallon 1 July 17, 2017 Firework Factory (2017) Won a 16 Man Tournament to be crowned the first champion. Only champion of Season 2
2 Braun Strowman 1 August 3, 2018 SmackDown Live Defeated Gallon on the SmackDown before the draft. Subsequently drafted to SmackDown taking the title with him.
3 Shane McMahon 1 August 29, 2018 LWL: Lethal Wrestling Legends Defeated Strowman by submission in a Triple Threat Falls Count Anywhere Match to bring the title back to LWL
4 Undertaker ('98) 1 September 16, 2018 School Of Pain (2018) Defeated McMahon to win the title at School Of Pain
5 Goldberg 1 October 23, 2018 Hog Wild (2018) Defeated Undertaker to win the title
6 Vacant -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
7 Pete Dunne 1 August 5, 2019 N/A Awarded the championship by Sherania for LWL's final Hurrah
8 Xerios 1 August 5, 2019 N/A Challenged Dunne for the title in a last ditch effort to be the first and only LWL Triple Crown and Grand Slam champion
9 Marty Scurll 1 August 5, 2019 N/A Defeated Xerios immediately after to win the title and head into the final LWL show as champion.
10 Killian Dain 1 August 10, 2019 Rain Of Blood (2019) Defeated Scurll to unify the European and Global Internet Championships. Retiring this title in the process.
11 Deactivated -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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