Beth is a more recent addition to the War Hawks. Having joined in late 2014 officially. When she first met Elliot he hung out more with two mutual friends of theirs so they didn't really get to know each other. Later when she was made a manager at the place they both worked they started growing closer. Elliot would often come up and talk to Beth when he had nothing else to do. Which always got him in trouble with one of the other managers there.

Once the two he hung out with regularly pretty much turned out to be real assholes Elliot started hanging out more with Beth and her then boyfriend Chris. Going over to their house more than the other two's, until they all moved into the same house. It was late 2015 when the other two moved out to go to California that cemented the friendship that lasts to this day.

Beth first appeared on Elliot's YouTube channel around December 2015. When they did a Cards Against Humanity video and she, along with Chris and her brother Nathan, were "special guests". Little did any of them know that this would be far from the last time any of them appeared on the channel. As they formed what would soon be coined as "The War Hawks Idaho Division" that day. Shortly there after Chris proposed to Beth and they celebrated. The streams and videos would continue for a month straight, culminating in a 24 hour live stream for a friend Elliot had introduced to her in this time.

After this Beth would limit the amount of times they could come over to weekends unless it was a special occasion or they were invited to do so. Beth is often refered to as the "mom" of the group as she is the one who keeps the peace and will scold the other members if they are getting out of hand. She and Chris married in April 2016, 6 days after her birthday. Much like she was for them, of course Elliot and Steph were there for her wedding.